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aromaRosary offers hand-crafted rosaries that hold and diffuse essential oils to expand the prayer experience.

Fatima Bracelet aromaRosary™


Fatima Bracelet aromaRosary™


Fatima Bracelet aromaRosary™


Named after Our Lady of Fatima in Portugal where Mary appeared to three small children in the hill country bringing a message of conversion, prayer, fasting and reparation.

Amzonite and Lava Rock w/ antique crucifix and Miraculous Medal + 4 Sample Oils.


  • Built to Diffuse Essential Oils

  • 4 Sample Oils with Every Rosary

  • Every Rosary Blesses a Ministry

Style features

  • Memory Wire for comfort fit

  • One size fits most

  • Full 5 decade rosary

  • Lava rock to hold essential oils

  • Crucifix and Miraculous Medal

    Pray throughout the day.

    The bracelet styled aromaRosary offers the ease of carrying the Rosary everywhere you go while you receive the benefits of aromatherapy. As a beautiful and sacramental the aromaRosary bracelets also serves as a fashionable conversation piece, opening the door to share the life of Christ with others. You will never be without a Rosary. Each day’s mystery will linger with you, impacting your wellbeing throughout the whole day.

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