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aromaRosary offers hand-crafted rosaries that hold and diffuse essential oils to expand the prayer experience.

Guadalupe Heirloom aromaRosary™


Guadalupe Heirloom aromaRosary™


Guadalupe Heirloom aromaRosary™


Named after Our Lady of Guadalupe who appeared in Mexico in 1531 to St. Juan Diego. She is patroness of the Americas.

Bring this beautiful handmade rosary into your home and help enhance your prayers by adding a unique aromatic experience. This rosary is constructed with long-lasting flex wire and jasper gemstones composing the Hail Mary beads.  The Our Father beads are made of lava rock to absorb and carry the sense-capturing essential oils that are applied to them. The rosary is adorned with an antique-styled crucifix and center, Czech glass beads and bronze bead caps.  Please allow 2 weeks turn around as this rosary is built on demand.


Blue Jasper and Lava Rock w/ large quality bronze crucifix and center, fine glass accent beads and bronze bead caps + 4 Sample Oils


  • Built to Diffuse Essential Oils

  • Solid Bronze Metal Crucifix and Center

  • 4 Sample Oils with Every Rosary

  • Every Rosary Blesses a Ministry

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