Rosa Mystica Heirloom aromaRosary™


Rosa Mystica Heirloom aromaRosary™

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Bring this beautiful handmade rosary into your home and help enhance your prayers by adding a unique aromatic experience. This rosary is constructed with long-lasting flex wire and rhodinite gemstones composing the Hail Mary beads.  The Our Father beads are made of lava rock to absorb and carry the sense-capturing essential oils that are applied to them. The rosary is adorned with an antique-styled crucifix and center, Czech glass beads and bronze bead caps.  Please allow 2 weeks turn around as this rosary is built on demand.

Rhodinite and Lava Rock w/ large quality bronze crucifix and center, fine glass accent beads and bronze bead caps + 4 Sample Oils


  • Built to Diffuse Essential Oils
  • Solid Bronze Metal Crucifix and Center
  • 4 Sample Oils with Every Rosary
  • Every Rosary Blesses a Ministry
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