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aromaRosary offers hand-crafted rosaries that hold and diffuse essential oils to expand the prayer experience.


Webinar Special

Only Offered Until November 30th at 12pm


It all starts with having what you need when you need it….

The following offering is the best value for your family to merge your efforts of building strong Catholic culture and wellness with the aid of God’s bounteous gifts to us.

  • Combat your health struggles - be done being sick and tired of being sick and tired - by implementing nutrition, fitness and natural solutions to bolster you natural health functions. The Family Essential Kit is the key to getting started as a healer within your own home. Plus you will have future discount (25% OFF) built into your wellness needs with the membership offered through dōTERRA.

  • Bring the aromaRosary oils into your home to attach significance to scripture, meditation, virtue building and emotional stability to your family prayer dynamic.

  • The Guadalupe aromaRosary Bracelet is by far our most favorite bracelet and will offer you a tool for aromatherapy and meditation throughout the day.

  • Free wellness consultation and free new member resources including ailment guide and a free copy of my ebook “A Guide to Wholesome Essential Oil Use” to be released December 12th.

  • $50 in dōTERRA Product Credit