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aromaRosary offers hand-crafted rosaries that hold and diffuse essential oils to expand the prayer experience.

Why the Rosary?


The History of the Rosary

The history of the rosary began through the discipline of praying the Psalms as a way for monks to remain present in prayer throughout the day.  The rosary beads were simply a tool to keep track of Psalms prayed. St. Dominic and Bl. Alan de la Roche were pioneers of the devotion at the bequest of the Blessed Virgin Mary to help combat the Albigensian ideas "that adultery, fornication, and suicide were praiseworthy; that there is no heaven, no hell, no moral code."  Over time with the inspiration of saints, popes and even mystical revelations, the rosary as we know it today took shape utilizing the Our Father, Hail Mary and Glory Be as its meter of prayer upon which meditation on the life of Christ rests. Apparitions of the Blessed Virgin Mary have solidified its place as a dutiful and faith filled practice to draw us out of ourselves and into deeper union with Christ.

Its faithful recitation has lead to miraculous outcomes. Wars have been won, averted and defined by its prayer. Heresy has been rooted out by its power. Personal addiction has been concured; physical healings have been granted; emotional wounds have been mended; and families have been knit back together through the prayer of the rosary.  Above all, the prayer life of countless millions have been enriched and anchored in Christ.

aromaRosary™ is inspired impart by the historical titles and famous apparitions that have been approved by the Catholic Church over the centuries.  We encourage you to discover these powerful stories for yourself.  Lepanto, Guadalupe, La Sallette, Lourdes, Pontmain, Knock, Fatima, Akita, Kebeho, etc. 

How to Pray the Rosary

The basics of the Rosary can be found here.

Even more importantly than knowing how to say the rosary is the spirit in which it it is prayed. Being faithful does not always mean fireworks and emotional highs.  The rosary can at times be a bit dry if creativity is not engaged.  Seek to always pray the rosary with faithfulness and regardless of how dramatic or drab your encounter is, you can be sure graces are flowing. Our Blessed Mother is so happy to have her children praying from their hearts.

Consider your posture.  If you are lazily hanging around, chances are your prayer will feel lazy. Get on your knees now and again and you experience will grow. 

Consider the time of day. Perhaps you pray when your fresh at the outset of your day for clarity and deeper meditation.  Or perhaps you pray as a family before or after dinner. Maybe still, you pray the rosary to easy anxiety before falling asleep.  No matter when you pray, adjust your expectations to the circumstance and don't be frustrated with differing experiences.


Consider mixing it up. Why not go for a rosary hike, a rosary bike, a rosary car ride or visit a church?  Why not light a candle and create prayer corner? Have you considered singing the rosary? Listening to a cd to assist? Maybe even watching a rosary video to keep you engaged? Art work and scriptural meditations can help you engage your mind. Praying the rosary while working out can assist in orienting your body to prayer.

Naturally, our greatest suggestion is that you add essential oils to your aromaRosary™ to be one more level of support in keeping your prayer on pointe.

Be creative and remember there is no one perfect way to pray the rosary, but remain faithful and don't give up!


Fruit of Praying the Rosary

  • It meets us were we are at, but doesn't leave us there

  • Ties our senses to good, true and beautiful things

  • Offers us an opportunity to dwell on biblical realities, virtues and to enter participation with the Communion of Saints

  • Helps us come to know the life of Christ more intimately and thus the life we are called to live

  • Disciplines our will and helps us develop the virtues of patience and long suffering
  • Allows us to enter into the redeeming work of the world by uniting our prayer with Jesus and Mary
  • Offers the therapeutic benefits that modern science and medicine now associate with meditation
  • Draws families and communities together for a simple and universal encounter which builds culture and friendship
  • Offers us divine protection from the enemy and gives us a concrete way to change the world in 20 minutes a day
“The Rosary of the Virgin Mary, though clearly Marian in character, is at a heart a Christ-centered prayer. It has all the depth of the gospel message in its entirety. It is an echo of the prayer of Mary, her perennial Magnificat for the work of the redemptive Incarnation which began in her virginal womb.”
 - John Paul II